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Biology is far more complex than we ever imagined, yet the tools needed to understand it are lacking. HelixNano’s mission is to decipher this complexity by providing the next generation of tools for the life sciences.

…Today’s tools provide mostly snapshots of single cells, not the movie of changes over time that we need to understand cell states and transitions from one state to another…
The US government agency for biomedical research (NIH), August 2014

HelixNano’s technology directly addresses this challenge. Our Molecular Recorder is a black box for the cell – a “flight recorder” that gathers information inside a living system. The “movie of changes over time” recorded by HelixNano’s technology will ultimately transform diagnostics, accelerate drug discovery and dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Based on groundbreaking proof-of-concept experiments, HelixNano is working towards our beta toolkit product. This toolkit will put the novel capabilities of the Recorder in the hands of as many biomedical scientists as possible.

HelixNano was founded by Singularity University alumni, who combine experience in technology commercialization with scientific leadership. We are proud to be supported by great commercial partners, government grant funding and private investors.

Supporting entrepreneurs and transformational life science solutions is key to our mission at Johnson & Johnson Innovation and we are happy to be working with HelixNano as they strive to accelerate the pace of drug discovery. Johnson & Johnson Innovation

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