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HelixNano is a ground-breaking life sciences company. We are developing a molecular tape recorder that collects data inside cells and writes the information on a synthetic DNA tape. Application areas include drug discovery, personalized medicine and synthetic biology.

Our team at HelixNano combines expertise in molecular biology and computer science along with significant commercial experience.

The company has experimental collaborations in place with leading international research and academic institutions. We are also collaborating with Autodesk — visualizing our DNA nanomachine designs on their ground-breaking Cyborg software — as featured in Wired. The company has won several awards and has been selected to feature in Google’s Solve-for-X.

You have invented a programmable, self-replicating DNA factory in tube. This is truly wonderful.
– Ido Bachelet, leading expert on DNA nanotechnology

Building long arbitrary DNA strands is a costly and difficult process today. HelixNano addresses this gap in the market and has beautiful potential to spur new areas of innovation that were previously out of reach.
– Joseph Schaeffer, Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk Research



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